Following a breakthrough in enzyme production, Pharmozyme is proud to introduce the world’s first Taq polymeraseAn enzyme that brings about the formation of a particular polymer, especially DNA or RNA. free from background bacterial animal DNA contamination. This first truly pure enzyme will greatly aid new generations of sequencing technologies, while being a superior component to pathogen testing in Clinical Medicine, Food-Borne contamination, Quality Assurance, Forensics, Water Treatment, Veterinary & Agriculture and Bioterrorism.
Designed for the most sensitive applications such as qPCR and RT-PCR, as well as making cleaner amplicons for PyrosequencingPyrosequencing is a method of DNA sequencing (determining the order of nucleotides in DNA) based on the “sequencing by synthesis” principle. It differs from Sanger sequencing, in that it relies on the detection of pyrophosphate release on nucleotide incorporation, rather than chain termination with dideoxynucleotides., our first master mix is built to simplify gene amplification.
A highly purified, low DNA Taq polymerase, Samurai Taq is designed for a wide range of gene amplification applications. Intended for academic and research use, the Taq polymerase is priced affordably for students, teachers, and researchers.
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The store front of Pharmozyme, The PCR Shop, is dedicated to offering the purest and highest quality products for PCR based applications.

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Pharmozyme is currently developing new enzymes using its patented ultra-pure production method. Enzymes however, are only the first step in Pharmozyme’s path to revolutionize molecular diagnostics.

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