About Pharmozyme

Our Origin

Pharmozyme was created from the desire to live in a world where diagnostic tests are free from contamination and achieve the highest accuracy and save human lives.

Our mission is simple: to provide the world’s most reliable, accurate molecular diagnostic kits in the industry.

In 2013, Co-founder Dr. Nader Nourizad, a pioneer in pyrosequencing and enzyme engineering, realized the market was in desperate need of high-quality, high-yield truly pure reagents in order to produce accurate and reliable test results for critical diagnostics.

After years of tireless development, Pharmozyme Inc. is now the first to produce a Taq polymerase free from background bacterial and animal DNA contamination. As a result, our diagnostic kits can be used in DNA amplification, sequencing research, clinical diagnostics, and the most highly sensitive pathogen detection applications.

Our Team


Dr. Rouhani

Dr. Shahriar Rouhani

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Nourizad

Dr. Nader Nourizad


Ehsan Shahrabi

Ehsan Shahrabi


Yahya Rouhani

Yahya Rouhani


Science Team:

Dr. Zhang

Dr. Yi Zhang

Scientist II

Dr. Rolando Perez

Dr. Rolando Perez

Scientist I

Dr. Kan

Dr. Rui Kan

Scientist I

Ali Reza
Alireza Mirafzal

​​Lab Manager

Hossein Daghagh

Hossein Daghagh

Lab Technician

Sales & Marketing:

Jay Sekhon

​Jay Sekhon, MD

Sales Director

Rafe Oller

Rafe Oller

​Senior Marketing Specialist

Josh Telebrico

Josh Telebrico

Marketing Specialist


Arman Doğaner

​​Arman Doğaner

Summer ‘22 Intern


  • Dr. Ronald Davis – Director, Stanford Genome Technology Center
  • John Schultz – Technology Director, Office of Technology Transfer – Houston Methodist Hospital
  • Basir Sohail – Executive Global Marketing & Commercial Advisor
  • Dr. Molly He – Managing Partner of Romulus Global Issues Management
  • Dr. Elena Grigorenko – Strategic Advisor at Decode Health

Support Team

  • Ashok Babbar – Financial Advisor
  • ​​Dianna Wilusz – Human Resources (The Pendolino Group)
  • ​​Evelyn Lopez – Regulatory Affairs Advisor