Forensic Science

The Right Test Kit To Unravel The Darkest Mysteries

Forensic science and technology use traces of DNA to link criminals to the crimes they commit. Oftentimes, DNA found at crime scenes is limited in both quantity and quality, but the process of PCR allows for a specific sequence of DNA to multiply within a matter of hours DNA’s GC content influences primer specificity and optimal annealing temperatures. Only a small portion of DNA is GC-rich but includes vital information like promoters, enhancers, and control elements. There were decades-old cases solved by the retesting of DNA with newer forensic technology.

DNA evidence is scarce and can be exposed to contamination from various sources. It is vital to conduct tests on DNA without any interference from outside factors; therefore, using our purest enzymes allows for tests to be conducted without the fear of contamination. Our Crystal Taq™ enzyme is free of any bacteria or animal DNA and provides accurate results.

Please reach out to us, if you would like to be a part of the pilot study for our kit designed for the testing of forensic science.

The Ultimate Weapon in Criminal Investigative Work