Pre-Surgery Protocol

Peace of Mind Before the First Incision

Bacteria is the bioburden of operating rooms. As they are exposed to millions of bacteria, it is crucial to properly sanitize and then test every surface for the safety of patients. It is the hospital’s duty to ensure patients are treated in sterile environments. Surgical site infections are the leading cause of readmission, morbidity, and mortality in patients post-surgery. “SSIs can occur in 2% to 4% of patients undergoing in-patient surgical procedures… approximately 3% of patients who contract SSI will die as a consequence” (Department of Health and Human Services). Prevent the risk of SSIs occurring post-surgery, by testing with confidence and accuracy.

Please reach out to us, if you would like to be a part of the pilot study for our kit designed for the testing of operating room services.

Surgical Rooms Prescreened With Complete Confidence