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UTI Panels

PFlex U1

A Multiplexed Assay For
The most common pathogens causing Urinary Tract Infections

Pharmozyme’s PFlex U1 panel is designed for the detection of DNA from the following pathogens: E. coli, P. aeruginosa, P. mirabilis, S. aureus, S. saprophyticus, E. faecalis, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Candida albicans. The panel is designed with a probe-based qPCR protocol to be used with extracted DNA.

The kit consists of all the necessary reagents needed for the reaction, including a 2X ready to use master mix containing all enzymes, buffers, dNTPs, and additives. A primer and probe mixture, positive control, and nuclease-free water are also included.

For the best results and analysis, it is highly recommended to use pure DNA samples.

This test is intended for research use only.


Key features of this kit:

  • Multiplexed
  • Individualized detection of DNA from 8 UTI pathogens
  • Human internal control
  • 80-minute reaction time
  • Simple reaction setup

Package will include:

  • Enzyme Mix (2X)
  • Primer & Probe Mix (10X)
  • Positive Control
  • RNase Free H2O


*This kit was tested on and validated with QuantStudio 5 devices.
It is the responsibility of the laboratories using this assay to design and validate their own experimental design and analysis parameters.

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