Polymerase Chain Reaction is the cornerstone of biotechnology and research. Yet certain problematic aspects, such as the ubiquity of bacterial contamination in reagents have gone unanswered. That is until the team at Pharmozyme Inc. came up with a novel manufacturing method eliminating a problem the CDC called “contamination on a scale that’s never been reported in science before…”

Pharmozyme first eliminated murine DNA contamination in Hot Start Taq polymerase with the introduction of Ninja Taq. Later it made the breakthrough of eliminating bacterial DNA contamination in Taq polymerase all together with the introduction of Crystal Taq. Such innovation will greatly aid “Any laboratory that does unbiased deep sequencing,” especially pathogen detection and discovery.


DNA based testing is truly a marvel of the new millennium. But it has its flaws. While still considered the most accurate testing method available, accuracy is compromised by materials used or incorrect procedures. Pharmozyme’s novel production method and novel designs will greatly increase the accuracy of test kits available. A more simplified process reduces human error.


According to FDA budget analysis documents, the U.S. government alone spends $2.58 billion annually for animal, plant, food, grain, packers, and stockyard inspection (Susand Dudly & Melinda Warren, Economic Forms on Regulations on the Rise, July 2014).  Increasingly, both private and public testing facilities are relying on PCR based test kits. They are faster and more accurate than traditional methods of testing. However each false positive, or false negative result can have grave health and economic implications. Pharmozyme’s technology permits a new generation of kits with significantly fewer instances of false results, saving consumers their health and the food-industry billions of dollars due to recalls and litigation.


Molecular diagnostics are not only a fast growing market, they also represent a great hope to save millions of lives. Diseases like Malaria, TB, and MRSA are often fatal if not detected in time, and accurate information on the strains of pathogens will determine the right treatments. Pharmozyme’s ultimate goal is to create the best infectious disease detection kits in the world.


The lives of millions of people can be impacted by the accuracy, speed, simplicity of use in pathogen detection kits. It would be a great honor for the Pharmozyme Team to one day develop kits that keep our homes and family safe.


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